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Established over 20 years ago, we are a leading manufacturer, designer and supplier of high quality and innovative baby products for infants to toddlers. We have a manufacturing facility in Thailand and offer the best prices, quality, and designs to our clients.
To bring Joy to the families around the world by keeping the comfort of the baby as our top priority. We always design our products keeping the needs of the little angels.

To make sure we bring our clients the latest and most current design at great prices. We will carry out all the necessary work to supply and manufacture top quality products for the comfort of the baby
We have always been keen to develop long-term business relationships for mutual benefits. The confidence of our customers is an ample proof of our commitment to service and quality.


Our philosophy is simple – We believe in producing and supplying quality products to all our customers. We know that the needs of our customers are different, and we tailor our solutions to reflect the unique needs of our client’s.
While we continue to strive and deliver through performance while complying with all health and Safety norms & leap ‘behind and beyond the needle point’ to give back to the society. In our endeavor to be a socially responsible corporate

Year 1997  We launch our  Feeding Accessories Brand  Pappu  We have wide range of baby feeding products such as feeding bottles, silicone nipples (teats), pacifiers (soothers), pacifier case, cups, non-spill cups, snack cups, sports cups, cutlery sets, milk powder containers, teethers, plate, bowl, hot water plate, bath toys, semi disposable products, freezer trays, food pods, bottle drying rack,  bottle & nipple cleaning brush, hair brush & comb, potty seat, toilet training seat, plastic bibs, lunch box and gift sets etc. and new items keep adding in our feeding range.
Babies are special gifts to parents. All parents love their babies and like to give the best to them so parents always look for the best quality products for their loved ones.  Our company has always focused  on quality and safety. We place a great emphasis on reasonable prices, efficient production time, high-quality products and excellent service.
We hope to develop a long-term partnership with more customers in the future and welcome all potential buyers to contact us.

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