Established over 20 years ago, we are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of high quality and innovative baby products for infants to toddlers. We have a manufacturing facility in Thailand and offer the best prices, quality, and designs to our clients

We believe in the saying that “good service is a value that should not be compromised.” That is why we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing the best service to all our customers. We believe the best way to provide an exemplary and unique service to our clients is to always fully understand their requirements and to work closely with them.If you feel that together we can create or expand a market or if you have a new product idea which requires distribution support, we could be your ideal partner.

Our future rests on our commitment to total quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. Designing products that meet your needs are the foundation of our commitment. Our objectives are as follows:

 To continually increase and achieve customer satisfaction.
 To be cost-effective and remain highly competitive in the markets we serve.
 To provide an effective service to customers at all times.

To achieve these goals, the Company has defined procedures and work instructions that control our processing to ensure our products are of a consistently high standard of manufacture. All personnel within each division and its selected suppliers constantly strive to improve the quality of the product or service by means of continuous training and promotion of a quality orientated culture. While our internal audits constantly identify and implement new ways to improve our products and processes.

The quality teams focus on optimizing processes across our operations to eliminate variation, produce higher quality, lower costs and provide on-time delivery for all our customers. Through the sharing of best practices, lessons learned and technical innovation, our quality improvement teams work together to drive a quality culture in our business and manufacturing operations. Our products are at par with best in the Industry and adequately meets the stringent standard Required worldwide. We have a well-qualified team of quality inspectors to fulfill buyer’s Quality requirements.

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